Order Options

IWTC can support your company in the licance application for international waste transport!


Complete application

The complete process can be supported by IWTC. Your company provides the required information, and IWTC takes over for further communication with EVOA, monitors the progress and answers the first line questions.


Advice during transport

In case of questions concerning license, possible lacking license of the cause of a halted transport, you can also obtain advise from IWTC.



Besides complete license applications and advise during active transport, IWTC also offers the possibility for a quick-scan of your plans. After communication of your plans, you receive a report from IWTC within short notice about the possibilities of the license application. If required, IWTC can also estimate the throutput time of the license application.



IWTC offers on site and remote advise, depending on your requirements.



The costs of advice are dependent on the volume of the application. For a cost indication or specified order plan, please contact IWTC via email or phone.

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