The waste market becomes more and more international in time. Companies are constantly looking for reliable processors that can treat waste streams best with resprect to price and environmental impact. Often, these companies are located in other contries, or foreign companies find yours. After a commercial agreement, waste transports can then take place from or towards your company.

Complex Regulations

Besides a commercial agreement with your costumer, a so called EVOA-permit is often required. The EVOA regulation (European Regulation for Transport of Waste or “Europese Verordening voor de Overbrenging van Afvalstoffen” in Dutch) regulates the transport from and to other countries. The EVOA regulation itself is a complex regulation besides which each country or region can have its own regulation. So, many regulations are involved in im- and exporting waste streams.

IWTC is the best choice for solid advise for your transports and their legislations.


To avoid regulation to become an obstruction for your commercial activities and to ensure continuation of your business, you can hire IWTC for advise and support. IWTC has in-dept knowledge of the origin and process options of many waste streams. Next to that, IWTC is capable to judge the composition of the waste stream and to identify critical parameters. By adding this knowledge to that of actual law and regulation of waste transport, IWTC can provide a correct license application to ensure the earliest possible decision. This ensures hassle-free transport of the waste streams from and to your customer.


IWTC strives to serve you and your company best, and offers besides tailor-made orders also different options for advise. Please check the website for order option information or contact IWTC.


Safety and reliability are key values for IWTC. Corporate sensitive information will be handled with greatest care and in strict conficende. In case information is to be provided to third parties such as governmental bureaus, this will only be done after consulting you and upon your agreement.


If you are thinking about transporting waste streams internationally, you might want to perform IWTC a quick-scan at an early stage of business. This scan provides a fast indication, based on experience, of the possibilities. From this scan, you will learn whether the transported goods are classified as waste streams, whether the transport is only to be noted to the authorities or that a license is required. In addition, the pre-scan gives an indication whether this waste stream transport is likely to be permitted by all involved authorities. The results of the quick-scan can for example be used in contact and contract discussions with your customer.

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