About IWTC

IWTC is founded by David Kunst. With his long term experience within EVOA (Ministery of Economical Affairs and Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment) he is the best contact for all your questions concerning international waste transport. His in-dept knowledge of the process of license applications, the risks and chances of international waste transport are the basis of his advise.


David Kunst M.Sc. had obtained a bachelor degree Aquatic Ecotechnology and a masters degree Environmental Science. During his education, he already obtained international experience during internships in Costa Rica and the United States of America.

After working for a few years as an engineer within the Department of Public Works (“Rijkswaterstaat in Dutch”), he changed to Agentschap NL (Ministery of Economical Affairs and Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment). There, he was project advisor and project coordinator for license authorization of international waste transports.

After working for a year at the Commissariat of the Media as senior advisor, David Kunst returned to the Ministery of  Infrastructure, at the department of Inspection, environment and transport.

For more information, please call, mail or check LinkedIn(https://nl.linkedin.com/in/davidkunst/nl).

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